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Article: Personalized socks, in your image

Des chaussettes personnalisées, à votre image

Personalized socks, in your image

Socks are the trendy, offbeat fashion accessory that makes you laugh and smile! A little wink that makes the difference.

After the prom sweatshirt from your business school, the ballpoint pen in the colors of your start-up, the USB key from the company in which you did your end-of-study internship, or finally, the Parc Astérix mug , we suggest you have socks that reflect your image.

But not just any.

Comfortable socks that last and respect our environment. Socks that you will wear, offer, sell. But above all, socks made in France.

The problem with these goodies is that they are often made on the other side of the world, and, often, worn or used 3 times, no more.

The advantage of socks is that everyone wears them, it's light, easy to give as a gift, easy to send by mail, and it's USEFUL (especially in winter).

Concretely, how does it work if I want to make personalized socks?

We support you throughout the project, according to your needs, by offering you the materials, the pattern, the design, the choice of colors, the production. You can write to us to discuss your project, or request a personalized quote.

Some examples of sock customization projects for companies:

Matrice , our incubator, is a non-profit association which supports start-ups each year for 6 to 10 months, through an innovation and entrepreneurship program, in order to develop their business project.

Following a drawing competition, Matrice developed its own range of socks, by Label.

Monsieur Barbier , a French brand of facial care, shaving and hairdressing products for men, ordered personalized socks with its colors and logo.

Graphic UNTD , a communications agency specializing in visual creation in the sporting and cultural fields, has designed a pair of socks for all of its employees.

Sketchfab , an online 3D model platform, used a creation by an artist, Elora Pautrat, to create a sock!

TigerTiger , a typical restaurant in the districts of Hong Kong, has developed a range of products in its image for its employees. Range that they offered in return during their crowdfunding campaign, to finance the opening of the restaurant.

Do you have a personalized sock project?

You can visit our dedicated page

Contact us, we will be happy to explain the process to you in more detail and work with you!

Love and socks ❤️

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