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Article: Who is behind our beautiful socks?

Qui se cache derrière nos belles chaussettes ?

Who is behind our beautiful socks?

In this week of Fashion Revolution Week , we would like to reveal to you the faces and the manufacturing process of our magnificent socks at Label Chaussette .

Remember Rana Plaza

On April 24, 2013, the name of Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh became infamous. The collapse of the textile manufacturing workshops caused the death of 1,138 people and injured more than 2,500 others. This event sparked global awareness about working conditions in the fashion industry.

The #WhoMadeMyClothes movement

Since this tragedy, numerous initiatives have emerged in France to raise public awareness of the downsides of fashion. The hashtag #WhoMadeMyClothes encourages consumers to demand more transparency from brands.

Our commitment at Label Chaussette

At Label Chaussette , we highlight the talented artists who design our socks, and today, we want to tell you about our production partner: Broussaud Textiles .

Broussaud factory image Broussaud Textiles: French know-how since 1938

The story of Broussaud Textiles begins in 1938 with Adrienne and Henry Broussaud, who founded their sock factory in the village of Cars. Hiring more than 200 people, they laid the foundations for a tradition of quality and passion for socks that continues today. Despite the technological advances that have transformed the company, the know-how and enthusiasm remain unchanged.

During our last visit to the factory, we had the opportunity to film a few scenes, showing the transparency and dedication of the team.

Quality and durability above all

French know-how has a price, but it is worth it. Our socks are made locally, traveling just a few hundred miles before arriving at your home. They are designed to last, wash after wash, and maintain their comfort without getting holes.

Local and ethical production

When we are asked "Where do you make your socks?", we are proud to answer: "Not far from you, my friend!". Our local production is part of a fair and ethical ecosystem. As a fashion brand, we are committed to ensuring that the question #WhoMadeMyClothes will never be embarrassing for us or our customers.

Join the Fashion Revolution movement

The Fashion Revolution invites us all to publish photos of the labels of our clothes. Share with us your most beautiful “Made in France” Label Chaussette labels and participate in this movement of transparency and responsibility.

Don’t hesitate to follow the movement and show your support for ethical and transparent fashion!

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