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Article: The manufacturing of our recycled socks

La fabrication de nos chaussettes recyclées

The manufacturing of our recycled socks

At Label Chaussette, we are very proud to be able to offer you socks made from recycled cotton. We explain to you today why this is important to us.

First, some important figures about the textile industry:

  • 10 to 20% of all textiles used to make clothing end up as waste.
  • 5% of landfills are textile waste.
  • 95% of textile waste landfilled each year is recyclable.
Generally speaking, growing cotton, including organic cotton, requires enormous quantities of water. Irrigation of cotton fields has caused very severe droughts in certain parts of the planet.

The Aral Sea, one of the four largest enclosed seas in the world, was dried up in less than 40 years due to intensive cotton cultivation.

We cannot be surprised when we know that a virgin cotton T-shirt requires 2700 liters of water to create it.

To create our recycled socks, we partnered with the company FERRE and its subsidiary RECOVER , a pioneering factory in the recycling of textile fibers, located in Spain.

Today, the company is a world leader in the field of materials science and a global producer of high quality, low environmental impact recycled cotton fibers and fiber blends.

If you want to see more precisely how the recycling process works, it's right here: It is therefore in collaboration with RECOVER™, and our factory specializing in the manufacture of socks, Broussaud Textiles, located in Limousin, that we created our collection of socks made from recycled cotton.

Elysée socks, in recycled cotton

Later, we had the opportunity to reiterate this collaboration, by inviting the Elysée – Presidency of the Republic to join us. Together we developed 3 pairs of 100% French socks, made from recycled cotton.

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