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Our socks made in France are unique, have a strong history, and are full of meaning.

Our idea? Putting art on your feet through collaborations of all kinds, to make the sock an accessory in its own right.

Broussaud x Label Chaussette - The process of making a sock
Guillaume Deniau, co-founder of Label Chaussette at Broussaud Textiles, and one of his 40 employees working on a machine

Quality, sustainability and responsibility

Making beautiful socks is not enough. This is why we are very demanding on the quality and comfort of our products to keep your feet warm.

More than 550 of you gave us a rating of 4.9/5 ★, with great satisfaction with the quality, comfort, and durability of our products.

Because yes, for us, a quality sock is a sock that lasts.

Finally, thanks to new recycled materials, we can offer you more responsible alternatives to reduce your footprint on our planet.

Unique know-how

It is thanks to the know-how of Broussaud Textiles, a company labeled EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) and OFG (Origine France Garantie), that we can create comfortable, superior quality socks that last over time!
All raw materials used are certified by the OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 Label.

Local support, highlighting artists and promoting the short circuit.

In addition to supporting local know-how, French industry and short circuits, you also support your favorite artists.
By proudly displaying their creations on your ankles, you allow us to donate part of the price of these socks to the talents who imagined them.

A committed brand, for committed customers.

Logo 1% for planet Label Sock

By purchasing our socks, you donate 1% of your purchase to an environmental association.

In 2020, we supported the Blutopia association, a positive and non-profit media outlet which centralizes real solutions to give you the power to protect the ocean, through the 1% for the planet association.

We are very proud to have joined the global movement of committed entrepreneurs 1% For The Planet . ⁣🌎

1% For The Planet is the only international collective bringing together philanthropic companies involved in environmental protection since 2002, at the initiative of the founder of Patagonia. ⁣🌳

In this sense, we are committed to donating 1% of our turnover each year to environmental associations. 🤜🤛

The right price for a well-made sock.

We offer you a unique and quality product, at the right price because these are our values ​​and because we want to work long-term with the artists who accompany us on this adventure. Remunerate each person involved fairly, from the design to the design of the pairs, including the preparation of your package. 

Industrial process

The story of a pair of socks begins with an idea.
When this idea takes shape on paper, we launch the first tests.

Our partner, Broussaud Textile, transcribes the design onto a computer program which will give the machines the knitting instructions to develop a first version of the socks.

After some feedback with the artist and Broussaud Textiles, we validate the final model.

Once the production phase has passed, we receive the finished products from our logistics partner.

And There you go ! We can finally deliver your beautiful socks directly to your home in just a few days!