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Article: Calculating the environmental footprint of our clothes: Focus on socks

Calculer l'empreinte environnementale de nos vêtements : Focus sur les chaussettes

Calculating the environmental footprint of our clothes: Focus on socks

Discover our calculator for the environmental footprint of our clothing:

You can also go to the beta gouv website to calculate your carbon footprint:

Why calculate the environmental footprint of our clothing?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, responsible for around 10% of global carbon emissions. Each stage of manufacturing a garment, from the choice of raw materials to production, including transport and maintenance, has an impact on the environment. Becoming aware of the ecological footprint of our clothing is essential to making more responsible and sustainable choices.

The role of socks in the environmental footprint

Socks, although small and often neglected, also have a significant environmental footprint. From growing cotton or producing synthetic fibers, to dyeing and knitting, every pair of socks contributes to the consumption of water, energy and chemicals. At Label Chaussette , we are committed to minimizing this impact while offering quality and durable products.

Manufacturing stages and their impact

  1. Raw materials :
    • Cotton : Cotton cultivation requires water and pesticides. We favor organic cotton, which uses fewer resources and fewer chemicals.
    • Synthetic fibers : Their production is energy intensive and derived from fossil fuels. We are looking for more sustainable alternatives, such as recycled fibers.
  2. Production :
    • Making socks requires energy to power knitting machines, as well as water and chemicals for dyeing. By working with Broussaud Textiles , we ensure that production processes are optimized to reduce the carbon footprint.
  3. Transportation :
    • The transportation of raw materials and finished products contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. By producing locally, we reduce these emissions and support the local economy.
  4. Interview :
    • The environmental impact of socks does not end with their manufacturing. Their maintenance (washing and drying) consumes water and energy. We recommend low temperature washes to minimize this impact.

Label Chaussette’s actions to reduce the environmental footprint

  1. Local and sustainable production :
    • By collaborating with Broussaud Textiles , a French company renowned for its know-how and ecological commitment, we ensure local and responsible production.
  2. Use of sustainable materials :
    • We favor natural and organic fibers as well as recycled materials to reduce our ecological footprint.
  3. Optimizing sustainability :
    • Our socks are designed to last, wash after wash, reducing the need for frequent replacement and the generation of textile waste.
  4. Transparency and awareness :
    • We are committed to being transparent about our practices and raising awareness among our customers of the importance of making more responsible consumption choices.

How to calculate the environmental footprint of your clothes?

There are several tools and methods to assess the environmental footprint of your clothing, including online calculators that take into account raw materials, production, transportation and maintenance. By using these tools, you can better understand the impact of your clothing choices and opt for more sustainable options.

Join us for more responsible fashion

At Label Chaussette , we believe that it is possible to combine style, comfort and respect for the environment. By choosing our socks, you are taking a step towards more sustainable and responsible fashion. Together, let's reduce the ecological footprint of our clothing and take care of our planet.

Share your commitment

Show us how you contribute to more sustainable fashion! Share your photos of Label Chaussette socks and your eco-responsible actions on social networks with the hashtag #LabelChaussetteEcoFriendly . Together, let's make a difference.


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