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Article: The Minions team up with Paris Saint-Germain!

Les Minions s'associent au Paris Saint-Germain !

The Minions team up with Paris Saint-Germain!

This is the unique collaboration for this summer of 2022, between two of the largest entities in their respective fields.

Paris Saint-Germain, one of the greatest sporting institutions in the world, and the Minions , characters from a franchise that has become one of the greatest in cinema history, are teaming up to celebrate the release of the film " The Minions : Once upon a time GRU ", July 6, 2022, in the cinema.

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club was born in 1970. Today, the club has diversified and developed into other sporting sectors.
The project was launched following the takeover by the Qatar Investment Authority 10 years ago. Since then, the entity has been made up of 2 football teams (men's and women's), a handball team, an E-sport team (electronic sport) and a judo section.

This entity, mainly recognized for its men's football team, FC PSG, has become world-famous and brings together fans from all over.

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The Minions, for their part, were revealed to the world in 2010, when the film “ Despicable Me ” was released in theaters.

This animated film, telling the story of a super villain accompanied by his faithful servants, in the shape of yellow capsules, was a great success with audiences of all ages. And 2 other parts were released, in 2013 and 2017.

At the same time, the Minions, having become the star characters of this saga, saw their first film, which was entirely dedicated to them, released in 2015.
Once again and unsurprisingly, it was a great success. A second part was to see the light of day in 2019, however the Covid-19 crisis postponed the release of the film until 2022, and it will be released in France on July 6.
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But why are we happy with this delayed release at Label Chaussette?
Well, quite simply because it allowed us to join this collaboration !

And yes, the offbeat universe of Minions, mixed with our favorite Football club, we were super hot!
These are therefore 2 pairs of socks which were born from this double collaboration.

They are available on our website, but also on the e-store on PSG, as well as in several official stores!

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