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Article: Sock care

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Sock care

A good pair of quality socks can last without breaking a thread, at least 3 years !
So if even after investing in quality socks, like those from Label, they end up losing color and pilling, it's because you're not taking care of them properly .

Don't panic, this article explains how to properly care for your socks. All you have to do is follow these 5 steps and your socks will stay soft and elastic for much longer !

Welcome to the fascinating world of sock care! You may be surprised to learn that there's a science behind maintaining the quality and durability of your favorite socks, but don't worry, we're here to help.

At Label Chaussette, we pride ourselves on providing premium quality socks that are built to last, but it's also important to take care of your socks to keep them in good condition.

First of all, there's a simple but often ignored rule when it comes to caring for your socks: never mix them with different colored clothing. Black and white socks should be washed separately to avoid any fading or dye transfer. If you really want to be a pro at sock care, you can even separate dark socks from light socks, but it depends on your level of sock obsession.

Next, make sure to turn your socks inside out before washing them. This helps reduce wear and extend the life of your socks. Also use cold water rather than hot water to wash your socks, as this can reduce the durability of your sock fibers.

Another tip is to use a mesh wash bag for your socks, especially if you use a washing machine. This will prevent your socks from getting tangled with other clothing and getting damaged prematurely. Plus, it will make storing them in your sock drawer easier because they will all be in their place.

Finally, take care of your socks. Socks can be easily neglected, but they are often the most worn and tend to deteriorate more quickly than other types of socks. Avoid wearing socks when playing sports or for strenuous physical activity, as this can lead to premature wear.

At Label Chaussette , we are proud to offer you quality socks that are designed to last. By using the tips we've shared today, you can extend the life of your socks and keep them in pristine condition for years to come. If you are looking for quality socks that require little maintenance, take a look at our website and discover our range of premium socks. With Label Chaussette, your feet will be in good hands!

To sum up :

  • Wash your socks for the first time
Yes, we know, you just bought a new pair and you're shivering at the thought of wearing them, but we advise you to wait! Even if they will match perfectly with your look of the day, you will have to wait. In fact, washing your socks for the first time before wearing them helps to fix the colors to the cotton fibers. These are sparkling colors that will last a long time !
  • Put them upside down
Laziness often outweighs this small gesture, but it is worth it! By turning them over, you prevent friction between the drum of your machine and areas prone to pilling (grrr dirt from damaged sneakers!). This way, you will not accentuate the natural wear of the socks, and say goodbye to cotton pilling at the heel .
  • 30° is enough
Yes, even if you walked for 8 hours today, lukewarm water at 30° is more than enough. Well we grant you, if you have done a 48 hour trek, you can spend it at 40°. Water that is too hot will relax the cotton mesh and it will lose elasticity. Socks that slip off your calf are a no-no, so avoid scalding them.
Washing at low temperature is better for your socks, your wallet and the planet , bingo!
  • We say no to the dryer
All that hot air can relax and stretch the mesh of the socks. In addition, it consumes energy unnecessarily. So, we say yes to savings and put them flat on a drying rack and avoid clothespins . Your socks will keep their original shape and you can continue to wear them again and again.
  • And not ironing
Even if not many of you iron socks, it is important to point out that it is still an unnecessary source of heat and that it damages the small cotton stitches! So for once, don't take out your iron and put them directly in your sock bin . Extra rest for you and your socks :)
That's it, we've explained everything to you, all you have to do is practice!
Now that you know everything, proudly show off your pretty, well-kept socks !

See you soon for more tips on sock care.

Love & socks

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